Per informazioni in Italiano, andare alla pagina web 330 – 100 Hp

A new generation basic level trainer capable of high performances and low operational costs.

It is equipped with the smoke system which permits to the aerobatic pilot to paint the sky.

The solid aircraft structure, derived from the P300, is able to reach an ultimate load factors of +9 G   and -4.5 G that mean a limit load of +6 G up to -3 G.

Wing Span 7,55 m
Wing Reference Surface 10 mq
Fuselage Length 6,25 m
Cabin Width 1,05 m
Cabin Heigth 1,05 m
In Flight Load Factors +6 / -3 g
Tank Capacity 80 lt
Installable Auxiliary Tank Capacity 22 lt
Overall Payload Limit (ULM) 165 Kg
Overall Design Payload Limit (VLA) 245 Kg
Baggage Volume 226 l
Maximum Baggage Amount 20 Kg
Empty Operative Weight 295 Kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight (ULM) 450 Kg
Maximum Design Takeoff Weight 530 Kg